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Letting GOD Lead

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Welcome to my site!

Everyone else has a web site these days, so I figured, why not me, too?

PTL!!! (Praise the Lord) I'm back to working on this site again! Sorry that I have not updated it in FOREVER! I hope you all enjoy it. I wanted a place to show you pictures of my friends and quotes that I love. Please feel free to look around!!!

WOW!!! I can't believe my senior year is almost complete. Only about 40 days left of school and counting! This has been a great year! I wouldn't never change it! I praise the Lord for all the changes He has been doing in my life and in my families! I have decided that I am going to go to Oklahoma Wesleyan University. I probably will major in communication arts and minor in music ministry! God has been opening many doors of opportunity and I praise Him for that. Yes, this year has been difficult at times, but God has always pulled us out of it! He has some great plans in store for this upcoming year, and I am very excited to find out about them!  
I know many of us come onto a top of the mountain experience, but we have to remember to let God lead, and not let it be all about ourselves... He may test us and challenge our ways, but if we give it all up to Him, he will bless us!

We have gone through the trials and tribulations, and now we face the HEALING process! Sometimes we feel we are ready to move on, but God knows what we can handle! Don't push God... let HIM lead! He knows you the best! So let Him take control of your life and be the one you HONOR all the days of your life!!!

Philippians 1:20
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